Raptor & abld build system

I always wonders why they depends on gnu make? Why not drop that staff? It’s so simple – get sources from .mmp file and feed gcc.

Build system already have mmp parser writen on perl. It’s funny but original make can’t handle generated makefile 🙂 SDK has special vetsion.

Abld build system depends from artificial ActivePerl(Rasberry Perl doesn’t work). There exist patches for new Active perl usage in sdks. But patched sdk may generate help files incorrectly.

Raptor aka sbs build system require again artificial perl, bash(even on windows!) and python 2.6 only. Yeah, Raptor use parts from abld… Why doesn’t use python to build binaries?

Carbide builtin mmp parser also generates makefile. Why doesn’t ant use?

Raptor & abld build system